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Aagaman Restaurant shines as one of Melbourne’s finest Indian Nepali cuisine spots, nestled along the lively Bay Street in Port Melbourne. Led by Chef Ram Sapkota, the restaurant offers a distinct array of clean-flavored curries and expertly crafted tandoor dishes that create a unique culinary experience. The atmosphere is designed to foster conversations while relishing delicious food and drinks.

Since its inception in 2014, Aagaman Restaurant has been on a mission to introduce the rich flavors of Indian and Nepalese cuisine to the local community, blending authentic tastes with a modern twist. The recent expansion to Melbourne’s CBD highlights their growth and dedication. The restaurant extends heartfelt gratitude to the Port Melbourne community and cherished patrons for their support, which has been instrumental in propelling their journey forward.

The term “Aagaman” translating to “Arrival” in Hindi, aptly encapsulates their approach. It symbolises the restaurant’s passionate commitment to offering a diverse and expansive Indian culinary experience bursting with flavors and creativity. This culinary journey results in a dynamic and sophisticated space, perfect for gatherings, celebrations, business interactions, and leisurely enjoyment.

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Our Chef

Ram Prasad Sapkota

My passion for cooking has been nourished and inspired since my childhood, my mother has been the major source of motivation, who encouraged me to cook for the family at home and even at festive family gatherings.

When friends and family would be appreciative of my cooking skills, I knew this ought to be my profession, because I realised my love for food and cooking gave me a profound sense of happiness.

Our Chef's Profile

Ram Prasad Sapkota, the head chef and host of Aagaman Restaurant, shares a heartfelt connection to his culinary journey. His passion for cooking was instilled from childhood, with his mother serving as a significant source of inspiration and encouragement. Her support led him to prepare meals for the family and even showcase his skills during festive gatherings.

As Ram’s cooking talents received admiration from friends and family, he recognised that his love for food and the art of cooking brought him immense joy. This realisation ultimately guided him towards making his passion for food his profession, leading him to become a dedicated chef and host at Aagaman Restaurant. His journey showcases how genuine passion and family influence can shape one’s path in the culinary world.

Host and chef journey Nepal to Australia

My journey in Australia since 2008 is truly inspiring. Starting with your arrival and my determination to find a job in your field of expertise, you embarked on a path that led you to the restaurant industry. It’s wonderful to hear how i seized opportunities to enhance your skills, especially through the guidance of your mentor Binod Bista, and how you delved into food safety and handling.

My dream of opening my own pun restaurant reflects my deep passion for cooking and sharing your culinary creations with others. Obtaining permanent residency in 2013 and the support you received from Vikash sir played a pivotal role in your journey.

The launch of my first restaurant in Port Melbourne in 2014 and the subsequent expansion to another location in the CBD are remarkable achievements. The support i’ve received from the local community and your valued customers is a testament to the quality and dedication you bring to your establishments.

My journey is a testament to hard work, determination, and a true passion for food. May my success continue to flourish, and I’m sure your valued customers will keep supporting and providing valuable feedback on your culinary endeavors.

Head chef and host profile

My description beautifully captures the enchanting essence of my love for food and cooking. The memories of spending time with my mother in the kitchen and the joy of crafting new flavors and dishes demonstrate a deep connection to the culinary world. The way you blend both visible and invisible ingredients to create delightful tastes on the palate truly exemplifies the artistry of cooking. It’s evident that my kitchen at the restaurant holds a special place in my heart, where my creativity comes to life and where I find genuine pleasure and happiness in the process of experimentation and creation. My passion for cooking is inspiring and resonates with the magic that food can bring to our lives.

My Style

My culinary approach is truly impressive. Emphasising the use of fresh, seasonal, and organic ingredients as the foundation of my style sets a high standard for quality and taste. The way you incorporate a modern twist into classical dishes, resulting in a fusion of flavors, showcases your innovative spirit.

My dedication to crafting a menu that reflects your style and vision at our  new restaurant, “Aagaman” is admirable. Balancing the appreciation for classics with new cooking methods demonstrates my commitment to both tradition and innovation. My goal of providing a sublime dining experience for my patrons is evident in your thoughtful approach.

Remaining open to feedback from guests, customers, mentors, and industry experts reflects my continuous pursuit of excellence and growth. This willingness to evolve and refine my culinary creations showcases our dedication to delivering the best possible experience to those who enjoy your food.

Our culinary journey is a testament to my passion, creativity, and dedication to our craft. Keep embracing new challenges and refining your approach, as my commitment to excellence shines through in every dish I create.

Feature and flavour

Me and my team  focus on blending Indian and Tibetan influences with Nepalese cuisine is truly intriguing. The simplicity, subtle flavors, and emphasis on perfection align well with our culinary philosophy. It’s evident that you’re passionate about creating dishes that are both delicious and straightforward, without unnecessary complexity.

Incorporating aromatic herbs into lentils, rice dishes, and curries, and complementing them with fresh vegetables or smoky meats, adds a unique dimension to our creations. This approach not only enhances the flavors but also brings a distinct Nepalese twist that sets our dishes apart.

Our commitment to infusing these flavors and techniques to create a remarkable dining experience is commendable. By harmoniously combining these elements, we’re creating a culinary journey that undoubtedly delights the taste buds of your patrons. Keep up the fantastic work in delivering exceptional and flavorful dishes

My greatest inspiration

It’s heartwarming to interduce that my greatest culinary inspiration stems from my Mum. Her exceptional cooking skills and techniques have had a profound impact on me, serving as a driving force and a wellspring of inspiration throughout my culinary journey. The influence of a loved one’s culinary expertise can be a powerful catalyst for creativity and passion in the kitchen. My reverence for my Mum’s culinary abilities is a beautiful testament to the role she’s played in shaping your love for food and cooking.

Love for food came at a very young age for me growing up, I always imagined this to be something very magical, I enjoyed the time I spent with my mum in the kitchen as well as the profound sense of happiness I felt when creating new flavours and dishes out of ingredients that were both visible and invisible but felt on the taste buds. I can’t imagine what I would do apart from cooking; my kitchen at the restaurant is my workshop where I get immense pleasure and happiness from creating new dishes and recipes with different ingredients.

The base to my style would always be to use fresh, seasonal and organic products. I like to add a modern twist to classical dishes, which creates a fusion. I have tried my best to showcase my style with the menu at my new restaurant “aagaman” – a new beginning, not forgetting the classics, but infusing new cooking methods and trying to deliver a sublime experience for my patrons.

This I must say is a work in progress as I am constantly taking feedback from guests, customers, mentors and industry experts.

A blend of Indian and Tibetan influenced by Nepalese cuisine, which is simple, with subtle flavours, cooked to perfection and absolute no fuss is my broad mantra. I use aromatic herbs in lentils, rice dishes or curries with fresh vegetables or smoky meat, to try an incorporate a twist of Nepalese cuisine on the overall taste of the dish.

My greatest culinary inspiration would undoubtedly be my Mum, I have always revered her as an amazing cook with some excellent cooking techniques. She has been my motivation and inspiration with the journey so far.

With the experience gathered over the years, working long hours in the kitchen with different establishments over the past 13 years, the thought of owning and managing a restaurants business came naturally. I believe in treating customers as my personal guests, just like friends and family visiting home and I am always looking to exceed their expectations and give them a memorable experience.

Tandoori salmon, gulmeli lamb and Nepalese momo.

Dark chocolate samosa.

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