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Here are some of the popular Nepalese recipes that a vegan can enjoy:

  1. Pharsi ko tarkari
    A heavenly delight for both vegetarians or vegans, this butternut preparation will captivate your senses. Butternut squash is cooked with traditional spices, ginger, and garlic in Nepali style. Vegans can relish this dish with Roti (a thin variety of Indian bread). It is a simple yet delectable Nepali dish that tastes exquisite due to its mild and exotic flavours.
  2. Sadu Tarkari
    Again simple to cook, yet flavoursome, exotic and healthy curry which is common in Nepali households. Since no dairy products or meat products are used to prepare this recipe, a vegan can relish this delicious dish. Assorted seasonal vegetables are cooked with a variety of traditional spices in a tomato-onion base.
  3. Jhane ko Dal
    Do you want to add a new recipe to your vegan diet chart? Jhane ko Dal is the healthy, delicious and light-on-stomach dish that will tantalise your taste-buds. It is a traditional Nepali dish consisting of yellow lentils (dal) cooked in a traditional Nepalese wok with traditional spices, onion, garlic, ginger and tomato. It is either served with rice (for vegetarians) or with a variety of Indian bread. However, it can be enjoyed like soup!

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