Discover The Jewel of Indian Culinary Scene Near St Kilda

With its name translating to “Arrival” in English, Aagaman Restaurant promises an enchanting arrival experience with the authentic aromas, tastes and traditions of Indian cuisine.

We’re the epitome of Indian culinary excellence at an authentic Indian restaurant near St Kilda. We invite you to undertake a delectable journey through India’s rich gastronomic landscape.

An Incredible Dining Experience Near the Heart of St Kilda

Aagaman Restaurant is just a stone’s throw from St Kilda’s bustling entertainment precinct and picturesque beach. It is the perfect place to unwind and indulge after exploring the lively suburb’s offerings.

We, in addition to cash, accept all major credit cards including Visa and Master Card. On the checkout page, make sure you select either Pickup or Delivery. Add voucher code if you have any. The pickup normally takes less than 25 minutes.

Why Choose Aagaman Restaurant?

    • A Menu that Celebrates Diversity

Whether you’re a lover of succulent meat, a devout vegetarian, or a penchant for seafood, Aagaman Restaurant has an extensive menu catering to every palate, taste and preference. Dive into our signature dishes (spicy Lamb Rogan Josh, aromatic Vegetable Biryani, or buttery Chicken Makhani — each prepared with the freshest ingredients), depicting a touch of culinary magic.

    • Authenticity At Its Heart

With us, every dish recounts a different story. Our skilled chefs hail from various regions of India. Crafted by our experts, our menu is essentially a vibrant mosaic of India’s diverse culinary heritage.

    • Charming Ambience

Beyond food, the ambience at Aagaman Restaurant is exclusively designed to transport you straight to the heart of India. India’s rich cultural tapestry inspires our decor and provides the ideal background for an incredibly delicious and memorable dining experience.

Get a Delicious Savoury Experience with Aagaman Restaurant

We don’t just serve meals at Aagaman Restaurant! We offer an experience — an invitation to explore the depths of Indian culinary artistry here in St Kilda.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey of tradition, taste, and hospitality that only Aagaman provides. Book your table TODAY!